You probably wondered what can be done, if anything, about your skin imperfections, especially those in prominent places that compromises your appearance.  You don’t have to anymore.  Now, your doctor can, simply  and effectively, remove most skin imperfections with the use of the latest breakthrough in Laser Technologies.

The Facial Vein Laser

Typically, this laser is used to remove spider veins on the face, port wine stain birthmarks, and cherry angiomas on the chest and back.  This laser works by trageting the red blood cells beneath the surface and leaves the skin intact.  An average treatment is 15 minutes.  Most lesions will fade away with one treatment.  However, this varies from one person to another.

The Leg Vein Laser

This laser is the first laser to obtain FDA approval for the treatment of leg veins that are one millimeter or less.  This laser works by emitting an intense burst of light that targets the blood cells in the veins, but gentle enough for the skin not to be hurt or damaged.  An average treatment is between 15 and 30 minutes.  Veins may fade with one treatment depending on their size and location.

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